Wednesday 11 April 2012

Collections & Obsessions - Part 1 'Street Art'

I think I spent too much time over the holiday weekend pinning images on 'Pinterest'. For those who haven't yet discovered this ever-so addictive virtual pinboard it is a godsend for categorizing and collecting images of all kinds. As an artist this is pretty handy as I'm not a naturally organized person and I usually forget many artists/images that I come across, but for some reason when it comes to Pinterest I have suddenly developed some kind of OCD for categorizing. Perhaps I can take this sudden but much awaited for compulsion to good use and start to sort out my not-so-virtual art research collection...

In the meatime a tiny selection of Street Art:

I find myself drawn to more and more street or urban artists without really knowing much about the history or culture behind it. Aside from the aesthetics, I mostly love the scale, how it challenges our sense of [public] space and how we interact with the pieces on a day to day level.

Image from
I discovered the work of Herakut -street artist duo Hera and Akut  (above and below) in a book shop in Covent Garden and fell in love with Hera's drawings but also the combination of the duo's differing styles. Akut spray paints the photo-realist elements which make Hera's drawings even more hard-hitting and raw.

Image from

Swoon's poetic pieces incorporate paper cut outs and wood block prints. The fragility is emphasized further by the delicate and impermanent nature of the medium and it's inevitable exposure to the outside elements.  

Image from

 On a grander scale is the work of French Street Artist and photographer 'JR' - a project in the slums of Rio which involved pasting photos of women throughout the favela. The women's faces portray the stories of their struggles and suffering. 

Image from

Image from
Finally, I love the work of Dan Witz's trapped people above. Photos of people behind a grate are then placed in a fake grate giving the impression of someone trapped. Seriously cheeky prankster....check out his website for figurative paintings of mosh pits and other portraits

You can follow or check out my Street Art pinboards on the following link; 

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