Tuesday 1 May 2012

Collections & Obsessions - 'Drawing'

Here's a few of the recent artists whose drawings I have come across lately on the web and been collecting on Pinterest, and some long-time favourites;
Uploaded from marienouvellestudio.blogspot.co.uk
Really loving the beautiful work of Izziyana Suhaimi - a delicate mixture of drawing, watercolour and embroidery. 

Uploaded from www.frameweb.com 
Margherita Manzelli is an intriguing figurative painter whose work I have followed since I came across it unexpectedly at an exhibition in Florence. I really love the delicate line in her drawings (and the slight freakishness!).

Uploaded from artist's website www.shanemcadams
The artist describes this as a painting but I love the delicate mark-making/line drawing in these works; created with ball-point pen on resin.

Uploaded from www.booooooom.com
Check out more of this Illustrator/Painter Joao Ruas on www.feral-kid.com. I love the overlapping and layers within this drawing.

Bree Dentice - uploaded from www.booooooom.com
This drawing is called 'Bunny Up-chuck' and not only does the artist have a great name but thinks up great titles - I especially like it for the physical discomfort it brings to mind juxtaposed with the delicate detail of the drawing.
Uploaded from artist's website www.mercedeshelnwein.com
One my favourite drawings from Mercedes Helnwein's exhibition 'whistling-past-the-graveyard'(2008)- a collection which comprises of detailed drawings mainly of stylishly dressed women in strange ambiguous scenes. 

uploaded from artist's website - www.henriksimonsen.com
This is a painting by artist Henrik Simonsen but I love the lines within it so I had to include it here - created with oil and charcoal on canvas. 

uploaded from rikrawling.wordpress.com/
George Shaw is one of my favourite painters so I thought I would include one of his drawings. Slightly more fluid than his paintings they capture the moodiness and unexpected beauty in the surroundings.

You can follow my collections on Pinterest; http://pinterest.com/atheballerina/drawing/

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